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>> sending a message from 60 stories up. a daredevil plants an american flag on the side of san francisco sky
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scraper. and he gets a little help from the police. before they arrest him. good evening. i'm dan ashley. there were a lot of heads turned toward the sky this afternoon as real life "spider-man"scaled the exterior of that sky scraper. here's what it looked like from inside the building. isn't this a great shot? it was a photo we received through you report sent by elizabeth. her parents live in that tower. don sanchez live outside the tower in. you have talked to the man who climbed the building what is he saying? >>reporter: he said he will do it again. somewhere. but not here right await a minute he's home this evening. although he has a citation to appear in court. the street is back to normal. traffic flowing. restaurant is open but certainly was dramatic much earlier today. dan gwinnie's if gear years old and climbed all 60 stories of the millenium tower the luxury high-rise. cautiously inch by inch pulling himself by huge suction cup and take 2 and a half hours of incredible
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strength and determination. he done it before sears tower in chicago and he is doing this as part of tribute to firemen. we are building sky scraper too high anticipated is doing it as trip out to cancer survivor. he is one. almost died 10 years ago and he was climbing the golden gate bridge he had to do this. this building was his choice because of its name. he left a grocery bag filled with fliers at the base of the building. millenium security tried to stop him but he would go on. monitored by police and fire at every step. pichlt i picked this day because i thought i thought okay. nobody down here. it is dead quiet. i picked that side of the building because i thought okay nobody will even see me. and i thought that i actually i was hoping that maybe i could even do it without even anyone knowing. i wanted people to realize i'm not a terrorist. don't worry about me. i'm not going to commit suicide. this is about
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something much higher than that. >>reporter: he made it to the top 58 floors then 2 more where he unveiled a flag. strain of the climb shows blisters on the hands and the notice to appear in court on those misdemeanor. but he says if indeedwdde will do it again he wants to do a world tour and climb legally raising money, he says, hopefully for a cure for cancer. live in san francisco, sanchez abc 7 nichlts unbelievable. okay thanks very much don gentleman big search for suspects in hayward has ended for the night. started when the highway patrol tried to pull over a car because the driver was on the phone. that triggered a messy chain of events. more on the story from lisa and she is live in hayward. lisa? >> dan it all started on 8 80 northbound at 6:20 tonight. chp officers tried to pull over a man for talking on the cell phone but he wouldn't stop. they say he exited then took off up eighth snreet this direction. the driver ran
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through several red lights and actually crashed into another car which spun out of control and crashed into a third car. mean time the suspect own car flipped over and landed on its roof. there were 2 men inside that car. both crawled out of the wreckage and ran away. and that's when an all out search for the men started. hayward police chp and castro valley police searched homes and yards up and down c and d street. after 20 minute they caught the driver of the car hiding in a shed. the passenger is still on the loose. >> dangerous. apprehending people blowing through red lights but once again we don't know why the people are running. any number of things you can imagine in the trunk or car. >>reporter: the suspect car was right there. officers found a gun inside of the car that is just over in that sandy area. medic did take 2 people away in an ambulance.
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woman and child were inside of the car that spun out of control. air bag deployed and they complained of neck pain. live in hayward, this is abc 7 news. >> okay thanks for that update. >> there is an oily sheen on the petaluma river caused by spill this morning. old barge appears to be the culprit. the incident near hopper street us a can see here on the map as we zoom in to it for you. allen is live in petaluma tonight with more on salvage operation. really gone wrong. >> yes dan. out here at the marina some kayaker were complaining that they had to dodge huge tar ball earlier this morning but tonight most of that slick has either dissipated or evaporated. glob of oil floated out toward the bay at low tide around six this evening. the remnant of what petaluma resident say was large oil slick that stretched from shore to shore as it moved through this slew. 8:00 o'clock this morning the department of fish and game
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says this old tug boat being chopped up for scrap metal and leaked between 200 and 600 gallon of oil. the owner of the tug apparently knew it was leaking because he already had an oil boom around it. but the department of fish and game says this morning flood tide swept the oil out into the estuary creating oil slick 2 and a half miles long. resident say these are extremely sensitive wetlands. >> last week i saw couple river otters. usually it is a few shore birds, and then thest. >> there was a lot of disgusting smell. it was just gross. >> how did it smell compared to when you first smelled it. >> it started, it is now fine. >>reporter: about at least 4 boom were his placed in front of creek to keep oil from flowing into the downtown area
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where boaters float through town and stop off or shop or dine. the department of fish and game biologist has been trolling up and down the east ware assessing the environmental damage and so far he has not seen any dead wild life but in the department of fish and game in investigation, they do want to know just how long this sal vamping operation had been going on before the public finally found out that oil was leaking out. that report should be due in the next few weeks. reporting live in petaluma, petaluma, allen wong 7 news. >> thanks allen. >> all right 2 reports involving state politics now first the governor's race heating up this labor day. democrat jerry brown releases his first television ad and republican candidate meg whitman picks up major endorsement. more on both event from laura anthony. >> as governor he cut waste. got rid of the mansion and limbo. pwunl wreath balanced. >>reporter: with this ad the jerry brown for governor campaign officially hit the
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air waves. the 30 second television spot touts brown 40 year career in california politics. and vision for the future. >> we have to live within our means. we have to return power and decision-making to the local level sought big question is which path forward. >>reporter: at campaign stop in fairfield brown said he plans to keep his ads focused on him. at least for now. >> the fact that this race is so close it tells me that they are not listening to the other side right now. so there's an openness to hear what i have to say. >>reporter: brown tv ad debut coincide with his appearance at mainly labor picnic in oakland. >> i think he made it very clear that he expects the union bosses to carry the negative message against meg whitman. seen it with the event he had this weekend. really relying on the union bosss to hold him up. >>reporter: meg whitman campaign spent more than 100 million dollars so far. some of her ads celebrate women lishment as ceo of ebay and play it to her republican
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base. many others attack brown. >> he will be the same as he ever was. >>reporter: whitman campaign official rae response to brown new ad is no less negative. quote no surprise that jerry brown is kicking off the campaign with a misleading historic renovation of his own record. he left the state flat broke and flirting with bankruptcy. jerry brown is the last person we can trust for major change in sacramento. in a close race some strategist wonder if brown should have released his tv spot sooner. others think his timing is just right. >> jerry brown is coming in right when voters are kind of ready to start paying attention. just starting to think about the election. >> i'm jerry brown. >>reporter: with two months to go there's still plenty of time to change the message. >> will fawch ad go negative on whitman. >> i wouldn't even want to say the future. that's strategy i leave to my volunteer staff. >>reporter: not saying you won't. >> no. >>reporter: strategist warn candidate need to be careful about going negative. it can
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back fire and undecided voters can be turned off or they can decide not to vote at all. in oakland, abc 7 news. now to the race for the senate. supporters of senator boxer are accusing republican contender challenger of flip flopping on environmental issue. it's called cap and trade. a way to control carbon emission. she went after boxer on this issue in last week debasement political reporter mark matthews tonight with the fact check. >> last week debate carly criticized boxer proposal for cap and trade legislation. >> her bill was completely the wrong trachblingt it would have cost us trillions of dollars and lost economic output. millions of jobs. >>reporter: simply put the proposal would cap the permissible amount of carbon emission from a company and those companies exceeding their cap would be allowed to buy emission credit from companies that had them to spare. >> we have to acknowledge that we cap not put bills in place
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that punish excessively energy spwichbs industries. >>reporter: that was last wednesday. here's what carly said in support of cap and trade in 2008 when she was supporting john mccain run for the white house. >> well i think what the cap and trade proposal is trying do is provide the incentive of private marketplace to encourage people to innovate and also to encourage people to find new ways of reducing their green house emission. i'm a business person. i know that incentive in competition in the private marketplace work. >>reporter: her campaign says the cap and trade plan that boxer and lieberman put forward is substantially different from the plan that mccain and lieberman sponsor. for example the cost of ton of emission in 2000 15 would be 40 dollars under boxer plan. 15 dollars under mccain's. for some businesses that extra $25 a ton could be significant. for reference in 2008 the refinery plant in benetia emitted 2.8 million
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metric ton. during the debate she didn't cite the differences. she said boxer proposal failed because of boxer partisanship. >> that bill was taken away from her and given to john kerry because it was believed that he had a better chance of getting bipartisan support. >>reporter: pwoshtion responded she does work with republicans. >> the after school bill was done with republican colleague and many of the a lot of the work i have done for veterans has been done with republican colleagues. >>reporter: today boxer campaign repeated that bipartisan claim but her partisan reputation goes way back. in 2005 the if paper in dc named her one of the top 10 most partisan street fighters in the senate. she was the only woman to make the list. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> no free pass as we continue this labor day the unpleasant surprise for some dmrivrs san francisco. >> plus i just drove through
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wall of flames. >> flames already coming and over the bush. >> wildfire in colorado. homes are lost and fire crew are pulled bates is just too dangerous to fight. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. current warm-up winding down. big consolidate down starts to. i have details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and the northern california farms doing booming business as tourist attractions. a lot more why are over a thousand people a day switching to cvrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just though of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. 's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can g the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine. get 0% a for 60 months on the 2010 traverse
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with an average finae savings of around fifty seven hundred. the switch begins at
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st. >> vallejo police on the hunt for gunmen who took thousands of dollars. investigators say that just before 11:00 p.m. 2 armed men wearing black hooded sweatshirts and maskings cut a hole in the amusement park fence and robbed several
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employees when they had just collected the day receipts yesterday. park was closed at the time. there was no surveillance video and so far no word on how much was taken but we know it was a significant amount of money. police are investigating tens of thousands of dollars in questionable expenses by the former president of the healdsburg youth soccer league. league claims 37-year-old kile hoffman wrote at least 35,000 dollars in checks from the organization's bank account. those include 3400 dollars for taxes even though the organization is a non-profit and does not pay taxes. 5000 dollars for training coaches and 2400 dollars for a party for coaches. they say was never held. the money came from registration fees and donations and the league says it is now having trouble paying its bills. hoffman has declined to comment. >> in san francisco today there were more than a few surprised people for whom this holiday will cost a lot more than they had planned. as wayne reports, they needed to
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read the parking signs just a bit more carefully. >>reporter: happy labor day san francisco. most of your citizens had this holiday off. but not the ones who sworn to swoop in at just the wrong moment and leave a little love message on the car. >> did you know. >> no. labor day weekend was to be just free parking. >>reporter: not any more. remember last winter in all the screaming at the metropolitan transportation commission due to muni cuts and the 50 million dollar budget short fall? >> you know money is not flying out of the moon. >>reporter: well increasing the revenue from parking was one way to pay for them. >> 55 dlaivrments every time they have all kinds of ways to take it from you. >>reporter: no one from the transportation agency was available to talk on camera today. this is a holiday after all. but a spokesman told us that by charging for parking at meters the city made an additional 250,000 dollars today. in fact, it might have made a little more if it paid closer attention to some of the people who parked
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for free by using handy cap placard he owner an italian restaurant and he counselled 7 parked cars with handy cap stickers in a row and added that most of the drivers were not handicapped at all. this guy for instance parked his car and then moved so fast we couldn't catch up in time to congratulate him on what must have been a mirror alaska husband recovery. >> about why they can't pay the meter. >>reporter: a point labored before and will be again but which felt strangely appropriate with so many tickets left on so many cars on this pay as you park labor day. from san francisco, wayne friedman, 7 news. all right. hope had you a wonderful labor day weekend. gorgeous weather really. spencer here with the forecast as we head back to work. we have already headed back to work. >> we certainly have. true labor day for us. labor of love. >> of course. >> it was a lane in heat today because it was a hot day in some parts of the bay area.
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90's in many location and still warm outside. here's live view from the high definition sutro camera lacking out over san francisco under clear skies as no marine layer tonight. clear sky around the bay area and still quite mild in many location. there's our current temperature readings. mild to warm i mate add 81 right now in antioch. we have mid to upper 70's in fremont livermore concord fairfield 64 in san francisco, 54 in half might be basement these are the highlights. much cooler by wednesday. school down starts tomorrow and it will be even more noticeable by wednesday t.we have coastal clouds. local drizzle possible overnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning and mild pattern settles in around the end of the week. here's close-up black and white satellite image showing coastal flog up along the coast from our south during the day up to the monterey area. not here in the san francisco bay area yet but on its way. that's when the real cooling begins. overnight tonight it's pleasantly cool in some spots. low pressure mainly in the low to mid 50's. mild interparts of the east basement antioch low of 68 and
9:20 pm
we have upper 50's in some other spots and on we good to the satellite image. animating jet stream showing you what's going on in the atmosphere right now. jet stream flowing well to the north at the moment that's why we have the ridge of high pressure building and much cooler air that is now in the pacific northwest will drop south ward follow progression hear and see it dropping down along the coast line and get our on shore flow back by late afternoon tomorrow for sure. the marine layer deepen and intense fight may be drizzle overnight into wednesday and by wednesday temperatures in most inland locations will be about 20 degrees cooler than they were today. so tomorrow. start with pleasant cool down. in the south bay under sunny skies high pressure reach in the low to mid 70's. 76 in campbell. 75 san jose. mainly low 70's on the peninsula. redwood city, palo alto, mountain view all clocking in at 72 degrees. then cooler on the coast and of course on the peninsula foggy and a half moon bay pacifica with high in the upper 50's. around san
9:21 pm
francisco high and 59 degrees and sunset district 62 degrees downtown. north bay high from mid 70's to low 80's. warmer as you go farther north. nearest bay community have high ranging from mid 60's to low 70's. over the hill inland valley we see upper 70's to low 80's and monterey bay high in the 60's at the bay, mid 70's inland. hears the accu-weather 7├▒i day forecast. again rather sharp cool down next two days. coolest day is wednesday and high only in the mid sfichlts upper 60's around the bay and mid 50's on the coast. then we start to warm-up a little bit on friday and monday we see sort of a trend, pat he were of low 80's inland. low 70's around the bay and about 60 degrees on the coast. that's really, really pleasant. >> steady as she goes after a couple week. >> thanks very much expense engineer coming up here. crowds are bigger but are they buying? still ahead. why san francisco tourist industry is taking a crooked road to recovery. >> and discovered in an attic.
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rare footage from world war rare footage from world war ii. we show you some of it as i want you to >>
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the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership expeence to match. 3q >>reporter: we are keeping close eye on wildfire threatening to swallow up neighborhood west of boulder, boulder, colorado. it burned across more than 5 miles. number of structures have been destroyed. firefighters don't know the exact number and 1,000 homes have now been evacuated. one couple lost their home and barely escaped the flames. >> took out the house on top of the ridge. took out the house next to us and ours was third to go. >> flames are already coming up and over the bush and i left because it was so clos it was here to the trees. big wall of fire. most amazing thing i ever heard. never seen anything like that. then he wouldn't leave so i left
9:25 pm
and then i'm thinking he's not okay and after they evacuate the last person he was still up there and they said there was nobody is going up there for him. i came down here. >> i just drove through a wall of flames. i think i left the fire truck running. >> you did. >>reporter: wind is kicking up all day pushing the fire faster than firefighters can fight it. at one pipe firefighters were pulled because of the danger. just too tricky to fight. wind also is keeping air tankers grounded. martinez police remembered one of their own who was gunned down two years ago today. fellow officer honored sergeant paul with a flag raising ceremony and display of photo and cards in the martinez council chambers. he was shot by a man looking for his estranged wife in a martinez beauty salon and although mortally wounded still managed to shoot and kill the gunman. avenues 12 year veteran of the force. he
9:26 pm
is second martinez police officer to be killed in the line of duty. a rare color bit of footage of the bombing inflicted on london in world war ii surfaced on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the blitz. film is part of news re-listen and watch. >> tonight's raid opened with a smashing glare of gunfire and bomb. during the first 2 hours they came boring in from 2 direction and aided by the dim light of a pale water quarter moon. so far it is one of the heaviest raids for many nights. firjts film was release dad to mark the start of the devastating german bombing campaign that began september 7, 1940. film was found in the attic by the family of air raid warden who shot it on home movie equipment. again, rare color footage at that time. the. >> when we continues tonight. president obama goes on the road.
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>> hello milwaukee. >> the president also goes on the offensive. ambitious plan to rebuild road, railway and runway. >> growing trend of california farms turning into tourist attractions. how it is benefiting everyone involved. >> and him if a european sensation. one of the most sought after dv in the world. she's a grandmother. another she's a grandmother. another half hou
9:28 pm
were prese want you to >> our real national stime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drive. more than ico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm cident-free.
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of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-statearm or go online. then call an agent at 1-800-statearm >> good evening once again. thanks for joining thus labor day. here's a look at the
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headlines we are following for you. daredevil used suction cup and a lot of nerve to climb up the 60 story tower in san francisco today. police immediately arrested dan when he reach the to. he says he wants to raise awareness about how sky scrapers are vulnerable to terrorist attack and world to know he's doing all of this after surviving stage 4 kearns. >> clean up crew take care of 100 gallon oil spill into the petaluma river. oil came from an old barge that was being dismantled for is salvage. >> as governor he cut waste. got rid of the mansion and the limo. budget balanced. >> and jerry brown debut the first tv ad for governor of california. it highlights the experience as governor from 1975 to 1983. republican meg whitman says the ad is misleading and brown left calf with billion dollar deficit. president obama is proposing a 50 billion dollar plan to put americans back to work. the president unveiled the plan today at labor day
9:31 pm
rally in milwaukee. the public works bill would good toward rebuilding roads, roads, railways and runways. >> anybody want more delay at airport? no i didn't think so. that's not a republican or democratic idea. we all want to get to where we need to go. i have got air force one now. it's nice. but i still remember. >>reporter: in wisconsin alicense 240,000 people are unemployed. republican leaders are already criticizing the plan. they say it will only increase the federal deficit. >> from republican point of view we need to bring check and balance. tell the american people if we get back in control we'll check this obama agenda that has no limit and bring about balance by controlling spending. >>reporter: administration officials say that even if congress approves the plan quickly, it would not create new jobs until some time next year. now if looking for a job right now, we can help. abc 7
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and california job journal are co-sponsoring another job fair later this month. happen on tuesday september 28 at the hotel whitcomb in san francisco. find more information on our web site abc 7 under see it on tv. speaking of jobs. somebody just got a good one. larry has named mark hurd former chief executive of hewlett-packard as oracle new co-president and director. appointment came amid speculation about mr. hurd few. he resign from h p one month ago suddenly after' investigation into his pe relationship with a contractor turned up questionable expenses. now at the time ellison said it was one of the worst decision in recent business history. now he says oracle intends to capitalizes on h p mistake. >> all right. hope you are enjoying a nice day off this labor day. long weekend marks traditional end of summer and with it the end of the busy vacation season. san francisco is a tourist mecca of course for people around the world. but as vick lee
9:33 pm
explains, business is still off. >>reporter: san francisco 7. 8 billion dollar tourism industry is taking a crooked road to recovery. people are still coming to the premier tourist destination for the same old reason. visually stimulating. a lot of culture. cable car. very nice. walk over the golden gate bridge hotel occupancy increased every month since last year but visitors are not spending as much money. tyler still works for fisherman grotto no. 9. he says in the good old days at lunch time the banquet room would be filled with visitors from tour buses. he's definitely noticed individual tourists eating more cheaply this year. >> a lot more come to our crab stand over here instead of coming inside and like the cheaper prices. >>reporter: crab crack eric
9:34 pm
says yes, he's been busy. but business could be much better. >> hasn't been like it used to be back in the day when it would be packed and every day during the summer. >>reporter: china town merchant tell me there are a lot more window shoppers this year t.she runs a hollywood gift shop. she closed one because of the lack of business. >> we see some people but don't spend money. >>reporter: kurt drives a tour bus. he also says business has been down. >> i'm not sure fit is because of the way the weather has been or fit is because they are just not spending too much. >>reporter: an fran international airport says they had 13 percent more foreign visitors in june than it had a year earlier. for european the dollar is still a bargain. hotel concierge charles an anderson recalls what one guest told him. >> went shopping. they were able to buy a whole set and said we can if he ever buy this in europe. >>reporter: but the about man here may be the best barometer
9:35 pm
in tourism business an makes a living and pichlt i think getting worse. i used to make 2 or 300 dollars but now i make about 50 dollars a day. >>reporter: from august through october that's when the convention season starts and merchant are telling us that business is already starting to pick up. some good news. vick lee, abc 7 news. and not just city that is indicator to tourists. growing number of small california farm remembers turning to tourists and profit and educate customers. a visit to sonoma county where bay area city folks are heading for the country. >> jenna started giving tour of the petaluma dairy farm last spring. >> i'm a third generation dairy farmer and it's a family owned business. >> she teaches customers to pick their own apple at gabriel farm near is he boss
9:36 pm
poll. >> twist it and come right off in your hand. >>reporter: few miles away at full house farm visitors can actually stay overnight. they get a nice place to get away from it all and close-up look at farm life. this group came from san francisco. >> we are here for a bachelorette party for good friend valerie. >> quite different from vegas. >>reporter: instead of drink and gambling they got to pat goats. >> super smart. >>reporter: and even checked out a real life hen house. >> my favorite was actually the holding the fresh neglect my hand warm. >>reporter: a leader in the growing ago ri tivrm farm. >> people come from all over the world although many people who just come from san francisco or sacramento. it's a short drive to us. it's easy weekend. >>reporter: this tourism actually started with wine tasting. now the university of california small farm
9:37 pm
program says the idea is catching on with all kinds of agriculture. it is good for farmers. visit ovrments and also the local economy. >> generally there's a great spill over from ago ri tourism business if his more things for people to do when visiting community, more likely to stay overnight. >>reporter: the small farm program has a book with advice for farmers on how to get started. there's a web site to help tourists find farms. and outreach campaign with slogans like you have seen disneyland now visit the other california. clever. >> this is a wonderful way to bring agriculture to people. to have them come to us rather than for to us pack up the truck and go to the farmer market. >>reporter: this family from oakland had a great time picking black berry and apple. >> it's important for children to know where their food comes from. it actually grows on trees. doesn't come from the grocery store. >>reporter: at this dairy visitors get to try milking a cow themselves the old fashion
9:38 pm
oned way and see how cows are really milked these days. >> so we use a machine which uses a vacuum and pulsate. >>reporter: they say farm remembers suffering from negative publicity about large scale. factory├▒ farms. but this is a small family operation with an emphasis on organic. grass fed cow and lots of hands on interaction. they hope tours will im paragraph their image. >> we need to tell our side of the story. to tell what we are doing that we are taking care of our animal and we really like them but really friendly cows and that we are doing a good job. >>reporter: and of course the tours also help sell product. dairy include as tasting of the european style organic butter. they have also got sweatshirt. t-shirts and shopping bag for zeal. gabrielle farm has more traditional shop. you can eat your freshly picked black berry over organic yogurt. full house farm offers ice cream made from goat milk. >> approximately this is good.
9:39 pm
>>reporter: some visitors drive from farm to farm. others just pick one and spend some time there. either way a uc survey shows that almost 2 and half million people a year are making these kinds of visits to california farms. >> the green bug climateing on my finger. doesn't even bother me. >> us urban folk can handle anything. >> they can indeed. city slickers now if you would like to visit a farm or ranch for yourself we have lots of resources to help you find one at our web site. click on see it on tv. fun way to spend some time. >> still to come tonight. rock of ages. how did a grandmother become the hippest dj in england? dj in england? that l
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>> here's what it looked lake near the start of this morning of the 36 annual hero day san francisco bike race. course runs around levi plaza and right past kg o television. it drew hundreds of spectators and including professional and amateur cyclist. greg won
9:43 pm
this twice in the late 70's. today. they zip byle minias awfully father i can tell you that. fitzgerald said there are no second acts in american lives. he was wrong. not only about americans. here's nick. >> hit paris crowd. packed sound floor and dj booth a woman more than twice their age. >> this is what they say. you are awesome. i want you for my grandmother. >>reporter: by day ruth flowers is a tea drinking english lady in her 70's. >> this is very nice. very nice. >>reporter: by night she's mammy rock. playing all over europe. hundreds of clubs around the world are now begging her to come spin her magic. >> i think to myself what aim doing here? ruth you should be home doing
9:44 pm
what all those other dears do. >>reporter: crossword perhaps. >> maichbility i like a cross word. he. >>reporter: this all start add couple of years ago when she went to her grandson's birthday party. >> it was noisey. and it was flashy lights. but they were having such a whale of a time and they were bopping about and sweating all over the place. >>reporter: she loved it. recently widow with time on her hands ruth decided to give djing a go. she hooked up with young french producer who showed her the rope. >> it's not as clever as they try to make out. i can mix now. >>reporter: and gets high on nothing more than the atmosphere. you are not taking any illegal staichbilitys i don't even need a drink. >>reporter: she had to give up her favorite tweed suit. >> when you have lived to this age doesn't matter what people think. >>reporter: these days her grandson and quite a few
9:45 pm
others think she is the coolest grandma. this is london news. >> she is pretty hip. like the shades. something new for sports fans today. up next. first game of its kind broadcast in 3d. therere the most powerful half-ton crew in america s a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers gest best buy and the most dendable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0%pr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton mode with an average financesav
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>> let's go back to spencer christian to update the forecast as we start another work week spencer. >> all right dan. so hot in some spots today i don't know if we want to really revisit this but here's a look at the high pressure today. got up to 96 degrees in morgan hill. 95 in livermore, concord and clover dale. 84 a high in san francisco. pretty hot for the city. 64 in half moon bay. on we go. this video sent to us by the new sf through you report powered by you tube showing folks enjoying the beach weather warm weather at ocean beach always beach becomes it's the beach but warm weather at the beach. here's our 7 day forecast. couple pretty cool days coming up. the period wednesday inland high reach only to the mid 70's but starts to moderate a little bit on thursday then temperatures warm-up on friday and stay warm through monday. inland high in the low 80's. pleasant not hot. low 70's around the bay and 60 on the coast. very is in weather coming with string of lovely
9:49 pm
day. >> cool in temperature but not relative hip. >> that's where we are cool every day. we have that going is that thanks spencer. college football in 3d. if boise state virginia tech game gave viewers a glimpse that the future and temptation to consider buying a 3d television. david watched that game in san leandro at sports bar already shown the masters world cup soccer and the u.s. open in 3d. >> not stylish but definitely the newest status symbol. rick sports theater and grill got the 3d tv set 6 months ago. >> it's so great. like you are right there you can reach out and touch somebody. >>reporter: that's what we thought one customer trying to do. no grabbing the players. sporting events clearly stimulating 3d tv set sales. best buy says 4 company are making them. lg. panasonic. sam sung and sony. screen range from 42 to 55 inches and 3d set, 3 d, dvd player and surround sound can run from 2 to 6000 dollars.
9:50 pm
>> content is slim but the really awesome thing is that with all of the 3d tv you can see your 2 d action as well so all the blue ray movie and the standard definition movie also viewed on the 3d tv. >>reporter: special glasses also ahead to the cost. they run from 100 to 150 dollars. one comes with the set so you have to buy additional ones for family and guests. they d glasses for movie theaters won't work with tv. 3d tv make up 1.4 percent of all tv set sales right now but expected to reach almost 40 percent in 4 years. while they wow! first time viewers, viewers, some say they will postpone taking the plunge. >> just saw here is the beginning of it. every year they come out every 6 months like a cell fechbility upgrade it. >>reporter: hold off for a little while. >> to give some time. >>reporter: he may be right. some standard haven't been adopted universally. for example one brand of glasses may not work properly with competing brand. then there
9:51 pm
are people like ramone. >> i would love to have this at home. >>reporter: he sat down to watch a 3d movie at best buy. >> real clear. almost as if you are in it. lake right there the shot in the living room. everything stands out. it's real vivid. >> next weekend the industry is having a national 3d tv promotion. many stores participating and give you an opportunity to experience 3d yourself. in san leandro, leandro, david louie money scope. >> that is the wave of the future. we don't have 3d yet but we have hd. >> that's right. ricky has been doing that stuff he was there when i was there. about 25 years he has been doing that same thing. >> a little baseball. jaints keep the pressure on the padres with victory cam. while the 49ers took the pressure off the third quarterback davis as they cut him loose today. we have reasons
9:52 pm
[ femalannouncer ] we know jerry brown was ayor of oakland, but what were theesults? fact: browpromised to improve schools. buthe drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to ta. fnd employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never rked. fact: brown pmised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous ty in america.
9:53 pm
jerry brow he just can't deliver the results californineeds now.
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. pentagon warns florida church it is risking national security with plan to burn copies of the koran. that story coming up and much more for you on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> but mike is here with all the sports tonight. baseball. >> busy day it was on labor day. baseball top of the order giants in arizona. keep putting the pressure on the fading padres. giants fans spending labor day in the desert. scary moment in the fourth. buster swings and misses. bat flies into the stands. look at buster reaction. he's horrified and here's why. the bat hit a young fan in the stands. he
9:55 pm
would leave on stretcher with a thumb up and that's a good sign. try to get update at 11:00. the pitcher dual in the seventh. swinging. struck out 7 and 7 in the third innings. top 9 game still scoreless. runners on the corner. flare into shallow right. but great catch. we had the extra innings. in the 11th lights up the score board with the clutch. 2 out. 2 run triple. jobs go on to win it 2 nothing. half game back of the padres. leading the dodgers as we speak. to the coliseum. barbecue, baseball not a bad day spending labor day. the bang on second pitch. seventh home run. that's the first lady off homer for the a this season. 2 hit 2 rbi day for cocoa. then in the fourth. czar karr son long ball for them and smoking to left center. 3 nothing oakland. all anderson
9:56 pm
needed. he had a 4 hit 1 will you know ball. now 7 back of texas. after a 6-2 victory. 49 ers made surprise cut today. releasing third quarterback davis. davis has form of dyslexia and struggling learning the offense and work ethic questioned by the head company. he has skill but has to be utilized elsewhere. niners replace davis with smith just waved by baltimore. biggest question mark for the niners in the opener against seattle offensive line with starting 2 rookies davis at right tackle and michael at left guard. single tear was asked if the 2 are ready. >> better be. but i think they have didn't a great job. i think they have continued to work their tails off and i'm really excited that we have both of them. but now is not the time to ask if they are ready. it's on now. >>reporter: monday night
9:57 pm
college football third rank boise state. no. 10 virginia tech squaring off at dc. broncos up 10. adding on moore to tom. beautiful 1 handed grab. worth another look. makes the grab. stays in bounds. up 17 nothing but they battle back. third quarter. fourth and 5. blitz on. taylor finds jerrad and breaks the tackle. 48 yard touch down. virginia tech takes a lead. the off the play action. moore hits austin. 13 yards. moore third touch down pass on the night and little boise state keeps the national title hopes alive after one game with dramatic 33-30 victory. all right. week 2 of the u.s. open. we serve them up with one of the best match up on the women side. top seed caroline and 2006 champion maria. sloobinging for first quarter final appearance winning the title in 2006 but she had other ideas. after taking first set. blister
9:58 pm
back hand winner down the line. then on match point another back hand winner. top seed wins in straight set. only loss 10 games in this event and face dominic in the quarters. now under the light. a-rod in attendance to see federer match one lefty. match point. great rally before he whipped the up fromst winner of the night. straight set to 5 time open champion with 26 straight grand slam quarter final. he will face robin sodderling. around to the bank championship. golf on monday. hoffman blew away the field on 13 from the beach. he holds it. one of the 6 birdie on the back. 11 on the day. 9 under 62 for hoffman. ties tournament record at 22 under. second pga tour victory. world championship basketball. knock out round. team usa facing angola third quarter. about pump fake. base lane
9:59 pm
jumper. americans up in the fourth. 3 point land. 5 points. americans moving on to the quarter fichbility beat russia after 121-66 of victory. busy day on labor day. >> indeed. one more sports score to talk about this. san jose joe no. 1 competitive ether in america is licking his wounds after last ago chicken wing eating contest. yes it is true. chest nut was favored to win yesterday national buffalo wing eating championship in buffalo, new york and devoured 169 chicken wing in 12 minutes not bad but that was 12 wings short of miss thomas nicknamed the black width o. she took the titles by scarfing down 181 wings. thomas calls herself the black widow because she often beats largelyer male competitor like the spider. that's our report.

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